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I am here to tell you that I used to work for a b*tch pharmacist in the north Dallas area for a corporate chain pharmacy.All the pharmacist did was complain about my work.

I used to go all day without eating and my health would deteriorate because of that f*cking b*tch. She would eat like a f*cking horse and her ****ot a*s husband would steal cocaine from the pharmacy, he was later indicted for obtaining a controlled substance without a prescription. Her husband was stealing the cocaine and selling it underground to select clients, to make extra money, and the b*tch pharmacist was his accomplice, that is why she got fired from the pharmacy in downtown Dallas. Her husband had is license to practice pharmacy revoked, and had to work as a pharmacy technician so he wouldn't forget his sh*t.

Then the b*tch would complain about my work with other pharmacist over the phone and complain about me in my presence.

The b*tch would call me on my day off, and b*tch some more asking me where the inventory papers were. I hate her f*cking a*s and I hope some suicide bomber walks into her pharmacy and blows the sh*t out of her fat a*s. She is so god dam* fat she has to make her dresses out of curtains or bed sheets. She scared the sh*t out of me when I saw her eat, she shoved 3 quarters of a hamburger into her fu*kin mouth.

While she chews the burger she tries to wash it down with a soda. Then she pounds her chest to help swallow that lump of meat down her fu*king cow gullet. She usually has Catsup on the side of her mouth and she burps and f*rts all the time. That b*tch probably has two stomachs just like a cow and she chews her cud.

She had so much junk in the pharmacy it was difficult to walk around safely and the guy kept bringing in these newspapers and I just threw those newspapers in the f*cking trash. Then the fu*king *** gets pis*ed off and gives me a look, as if looks can kill. She bought Astroglide lube for her dried up c*nt and her bu*t hole, because her husband likes to put it in the wrong hole.

I acted dum* like if I didn't know what it was.

I knew she needed it for her *** sessions. Honestly her husband would have to get sh*t faced just to do it with her. As time passed I had problems with my brother he was running away from home and being violent towards my mother. Even though it was sometimes it was difficult to conceal my sadness, and the f*cking b*tch said get happy or you won't be here.

I stayed working for that *** as long as I possibly could, to prove a point to my mother and to society, and all she did day in and day out is b*tch about my work and she just wore my a*s out. Then the st*pid management is so god da*n st*pid and ch*cken sh*t, they didn't want to let me transfer to another pharmacy, so I f*cking quit. I f*cked her real good. Her best friend who was hired to replace me was slower than snail sh*t and I was the only one that knew how to do anything.

The pharmacist goal was to eventually push me out the door. Her plan was to get me to train her new workers and then terminate me. I purposely trained one of the assistants wrong and the other assistant was only responsible to count medications. I purposely trained him wrong.

So when I quit she was royally f*cked. Dorita her assistant took a family leave of absence because she was having a nervous breakdown, and all the b*tch pharmacist could do is b*tch about how disappointed she was in her assistant Dorita. All that f*cking b*tch cared about was if she had slaves working for her. Well Dorita took a leave of absence and the pharmacist's friend turned in her two weeks notice.

I quit on a Friday and she had nobody to work with on the weekend. I was going to finish working the day but the pharmacist wanted to be macho b*tch and send me home early knowing that there was going to be allot of customers between 5 and 7p.m. I think the b*tch pharmacist learned that weekends were getting f*cking busy and she needed two techs for the weekend and wouldn't listen to me when I told her that we needed two technicians for the weekend. Her attitude was: "*** what you say, I am the manager and I decide what this pharmacy needs." So, I left.

I was so desperate to get out of the pharmacy I forgot my jacket in the break room and never looked back. I was gone and she got a rude awakening for the weekend. The next Monday she had one technician that literally didn't know sh*t about the job and another technician that was slower than snail sh*t,was quiting in one week after I quit. The whole time I worked for that b*tch, she wrote in her diary all the petty mistakes I made at work and now she can use the Astroglide to lube her behind and shove that diary where her drug addict husband likes to *** her.

Thats what she had to work with on a Monday, a technician that didn't know squat and a technician that was slower than snail sh*t. Tee hee I love my self. Sometimes I can really be evil. The fat b*tch also proudly calls herself Big B*tch, and she paid me back by calling every pharmacy in Dallas and told them not to hire me.

I went to school and I got my engineering degree, but at the end I am glad I had that experience because I now know that pharmacist are just drug dealers with a bachelors degree and why would anybody go to college just to work in a super market pharmacy.I work in a office building, designing military airplanes.Thats the story of the B*tch pharmacist of North Dallas.

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words used for this article is g*y, and L*sbian. Apparently the politicaly correct machine considers the word L*sbian to be offensive just like h*mos*xual.


This is a response to "Me" , the one who told me to shut my pie hole. Listen you evil fat B**ch, you know that you tried your hardest to ruin my career as a pharmacy technician. All the things I said are true and there is no way in h*ll I could have known the things about your husband, unless you opened your dam* mouth about his personal business. Word gets around really fast in pharmacy just as the same way you called up all your friends and called me inept and bad mouth me every way you could to your friends.

You started treating me like sh*t when that g*y N**ger told you he saw me at a g*y bar. Well let me tell you, you f**king b*tch, maybe part of the reason I find comfort with men is because in general they don't have violent mood swings like you! For your information I am not completely ***, technically I am bisexual and I do feel sexual attraction towards women, but if all there is, is bipolar evil b*tches like you, then of course I am going to *** with another guy. Aside from my s*xuality we are going to talk about how you ruined my career as a technician. I thought it was very unprofessional of you to call every pharmacy in north Dallas to black ball me from pharmacy. Let me tell you something else, you fat bipolar b**ch, through your evil deeds a positive came out of the situation. I went to UTD and got my engineering degree in electrical engineering. So, you see if it wasn't for you, I probably would never have had the incentive to go to college, but...

I hear you tell patients don't drink milk with your opiate drugs because it might stop you up like a cork, then you got to douche your dried up terds out of your freaking a*s. Make sure you put these supositories in your a*s and not in your mouth ok.

Seriously, could you imagine going to pharmacy school and owe 64,000 or more dollars in tuition, room and board, plus meals, just to work in a god d*mn supermarket with a bunch of b*stard Jews being rude to you all the time. No thank you, plus I found out there is a sh*t load of pharmacist in Dallas trying to work full time. Some can't even get a job as a pharmacist.

And how dare you be a hipocrate and discriminate against *** people when your professor who by the way is a ***, helped you get your foot in the door to your first job, by giving you a recomendation. You know she is a *** because she lives with another woman, and you have been aware of that, for quite a while. You are just a horrible bipolar, hipocritical b**ch! You can be a b**ch here on earth but when you die you are going straight to h*ll, you violated many rules in the bible. God gave mankind a set of rules to live by and you have not been following the rules. Infact your behavior falls into the realm of Santanism. Satanist do recieve pleasure out of harming people, and that is what you do. I saw a picture of you and you don't look too good, I generally know how you are going to die. You will die of colon cancer. For a pharmacist you know very little about health and your health will continue to decline. It looks like you will have 15 years left to live before you burn in h*ll with Satan.

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This is a peachy company to work for. I have a personal grudge against the guy who owns the company. Evantage used to have their headquarters in Dallas but I guess the company moved to Plano, Texas because the leases are a little cheaper but also, it could be that Evantage wore out its welcome in Dallas. The Clown that owns the company designs this fancy website trying to make his company look legitimate.

This is what happens when you go into fake businesses like Evantage. You fill out an application for a job that doesn't exist and you get called in for a job interview. When you go to the job interview you will see several offices with desks and cr*p on the walls i.e. posters or cheap Walmart paintings. Generally you never see anybody walk around the office. You walk into the managers office and you get interviewed and then he calls you for a second interview. He tells you that he is going to have somebody take you to one of the Att and T job sites. Well the job site, is a ghetto a*s neigborhood in east Dallas.

They don't even tell you where the job site is. I see this arab guy driving and driving and I asked: "how far is this job site?" This towl head who illegally immigrated from Iraq or Libiya keeps driving and says: "we are almost there." We get off the car at this ghetto a*s apartment complex and I asked: "what are we doing here?" This is one of the job sites we go to. I said: "you guys better take me back to my car right now you pieces of sh*ts!"...

They laughed at me and said: "no, this our job site, you got to go door to door and sell these att and t contracts for cable and internet." You get paid for how many contracts you sell, the more you sell the more money you make. I told him that I applied for a computer programing job in Evantage and selling att and t contracts to a bunch of gold buck toothed jungle bunnies and taco's, is not in the job description. They said: "well you can wait there while we go through all the units to sell these contracts, because we are here to make money." While they were wondering around. I fixed them I went to the main office and told them that I was kidnapped and I want the police to arrest them. Because when somebody asks you to take them back to their car and you don't do it, that is called kidnapping. I was ready to press charges against the company.

Well the pussyfied balless manager who pees sitting down, told the guys who kidnapped me to please leave the property or they would call the police.

I had to take the Dart bus back to my car because I couldn't get a cab in that crime infested neighborhood. Private corporations sometimes fund these ghetto businesses as an experiment to see how successfull it would be to get poor desperate unemployed people to do slave type work just for money to eat. Do not apply for a job with this company unless you want to be traped in a ghetto a*s neighborhood with a bunch of buck toothed n*ggers.

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I know which b*tch you are talking about.I used to work for her and she would threaten her technicians, she black balled anybody who resigned and she used to tell me that she had friends in high places to make me scared of her.

The only friends she has, lives in fantasy land.

She is a god dam* b*tch hopefully some terrorist or secret agent shoots her dead and do good for humanity. I saw her being a *** to her daughters and her husband. The pharmacist would call her daughter over and over again, apperantly her daughter turned off her cell phone and left it off for a week while she was away at college. I told the pharmacist to go to the college and visit her daughter to see if she is ok.

The pharmacist just looked at me like I was a st*pid piece of sh*t. Then she said well due to security reasons I cannot be there. I never gave it much thought, but maybe the daughter told campus police to escort her b*tch mother off campus if they see her. The school probably has her picture posted next to Osama Bin Ladin, it says apprehend this woman with extreme caution, this b*tch is armed and dangerous.

Who knows she might walk on to her daughter's campus and have a bomb straped to her chest and threaten everybody just for sh*ts and gigles.I have to say the family is very nice, everybody in her family is nice except her. The pharmacist is like the black lamb in the group. The pharmacist is evil, she needs to be fired for creating a hostil work...

If I had the power I would have no problem firing that b*tch pharmacist.Pharmacist are a dime a dozen just like technicians.

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I forgot to add something.Her husband used to bring her food every now and then from Taco Bueno, and that heffer used to push the entire taco in her mouth and hit the floor with her feet and she would hit herself in the back to help the taco to go down her heffer throught.

Then she would cough violently when she got a taco shell stuck in her throught. I was scared, I thought she was going to blow chunks everywhere and make me clean it up. If she did that, that would have been the day I quit. Oh, and a pharmacy tech used to call her and ask her for a reference and she would go through a caniption fit.

She would say you are not rehirable, you are not rehirable and her skin would turn red and she would go to the corner of the pharmacy and cry. Since the customers were co*k sucking as*holes like her, they sided with her. What do you expect from a bunch of arrogant Jews. She would tell me to get a prescription for allegra just because I sneezed.

I thought "you need to buy a vibrator with that Vasoline and New Astroglide Max." She was experimenting with lubes at the time. She probably mixed Astroglide with Vasaline so there could be a slip and slide action in her booty hole.

I think the pharmacist is a dried up, bipolar, devil worshiping b*tch.I can't figure out why her husband like's to screw her in the dirty hole.


Why are you upset "Me"? Does the shoe fit? It must, since it bothers you.

I bet you are the person the author is talking about.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #294160

Shut your piehole retarded *** bucket! :upset :upset

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